Welcome, people reading this wiki!Edit

This is a wiki about me! Well, not really. First there's some of my RES (Roary's Eye-Magination Station, Moshi Monsters Forums) friends/people I know. o3o Then there will be pages about things I like.

War likes Ouran High School Host Club~

Adorable051 (Me!)

I like Warrior Cats and Seekers.

~ * % # BratZ # % * ~

Pepper ~ Bored to the point of death.

  • ~ * Ocean Eh * ~ *

I rule Atlantis! Not the Divers!



Freya (Monster's name)

~ sparkles ~



Miss mango

~ > * Flame eh * < ~ I like fudge and bacon!

The Doctor>·====·-----------------------------------~ Sparky ~ Sick of being bullied ~-----------------------------------xX ~ Super Secret Fan ~ Xx-----------------------------------SonicThe character house roleplayer-----------------------------------~ Ze Striped Warrior-----------------------------------~ * ~ * Pup Eh - Sick of Kitty UNcool * ~ * ~-----------------------------------~ * ~ * Popcorn * ~ * ~

Silent Animals Say So Much. (My fave saying, I made it myself)-----------------------------------~ storm ~ ( or wolf ~ ))

wind eh * how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood...0 because they cant chuck would

time is money

i'm oh use meh wind power on yall

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